It is a concept that is based on the decentralization of control of production processes, using technological innovations in automation and information technology, connecting all manufacturing processes, thus creating "Intelligent Factories". Specialist in Cyber-Physical System, Industrial Internet of Things, Robotics, among others, Guebh operates in production processes, making them
Application of computerized, electronic and mechanical techniques in order to optimize production processes, increasing efficiency. Improves safety and ergonomics, reduces waste emissions and energy consumption. Guebh uses the best automation technologies to implement increasingly efficient production processes, allowing total production management in real time, seeking continuous improvement.
The use of robotic systems in manufacturing allows to increase productivity and industrial quality. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, Guebh has professionals specialized in programming the most reputable robot brands, providing all the infrastructure for the assembly of robotic lines.
It consists of using energy efficiently, aiming at sustainability and cost reduction. Guebh offers solutions that allow you to increase energy efficiency by adapting facilities, equipment and optimizing processes.
They provide real-time monitoring and control of process and quality indicators, streamlining decision making, identifying improvements and corrections for production optimization. Using the most up-to-date technologies, Guebh develops supervisors to automate and monitor industrial processes.
Guebh excels in the quality and reliability of its services, in the design and assembly of control panels and electrical panels, as well as in their installation.
We provide engineering, assembly and maintenance services for electrical and mechanical systems, with reference to safety, quality and productivity. We seek innovations and technologies that enable specialization in industrial assemblies, increasing the quality, safety productivity increasingly.
The NR-12 aims to improve processes, machinery and equipment, aiming to ensure the health and physical integrity of the worker. Our team develops all the steps necessary for your company to work safely and effectively, respecting all current standards.
Serving the most demanding markets, companies seek the improvement and customization of machines and industrial equipment, specific to their business model. Guebh develops, renovates and automates machines and equipment using different technologies to ensure the best solution for its customers, following the safety and quality standards applicable to the process.
Control and monitor your home or office from wherever you are. Guebh offers the most modern to transform your home or your building into a modern and intelligent environment, capable of offering security, effort reduction, and rational and planned use of the various means of consumption. Whether using your cell phone or your iPad (Tablet) with communication

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Guebh Engineering and Systems is a recognized company in the engineering and automation segment, specializing in Industry 4.0. Originating from a legacy of experience and expertise, Guebh brings innovative solutions to the market, designed to meet the most complex needs of any process.

Our team is made up of highly specialized professionals, always at the forefront of emerging technologies. We are equipped to offer high quality and efficient services, exceeding our clients' expectations.


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